Is The Psn up?

On this day April 26, 2011 the Playstation Network is not up and running and the “word ” this morning and lastnight is that ” external intrusion” may haveĀ  been caused by the custom firmware “Redbug”. This means hackers can gain access to the usually restricted PSN developer network by making the service think a retail unit is in fact a debug/ developer kit, and then they proceed to create a credit card account that is not verified.


The question now is did this “Redbug” gain access to PSN customers Credit Card information? This all the while has led to Sony having to rebuild the PSN and asking developers to update to a newer PS3 debug firmware.


There still is no time frame on when the PSN will be up and running so now it looks like this may be moving into Day 3 tomorrow. So keep checking back here on Open Forum Radio, the Playstation Blog or any other gaming news site for futher updates.