Last Week Around the OFRN, 2/2/2015 – 2/8/2015


I understand we have a lot of shows.  You can’t possibly listen to them all.  To alleviate that, I, Bluemanrule, for the second consecutive week, have posted a summary of last week’s shows.  These notes come from each show’s notes so if you don’t see it, I don’t have notes on it.  I hope reading this summary will spark your interest in one show or another.  Thank you very much for listening. Stay open!

Gamer Husbands Radio 360:  The guys are back this week and we talk about what we are playing and also some upcoming games coming out in the near future. Sit back and enjoy another great show from your friends here @GamerHusbands Radio,,

The Married Gamers 357:  This episode we unpack and unload from our PAX South experiences. Helping out is Open Forum Radio creator and Prove Your Point podcast host, Larry Asberry Jr aka Bluemanrule. Listen as we discuss our favorite and notable games of PAX South. Also, learn what we thought of the convention overall. All this plus the Week in Geek, flying adventures, and our Opening Question.

Open Forum Radio 236:  Blueman is at the helm for OFR 236. Vladz, Josh, Henry, ACE and returning guest Dylan are in your ear for another shot of OFR. We discuss Super Bowl Commercials, The GAME, Battlefield Hardline, Law & Order episode we don’t want to see, Happy 10th Birthday to AMAZON PRIME, RIP to Monty Oum (Rooster Teeth) and  Andrew Yoon shack news…We also go over our Best/Worst of the week, Top 3 things, Sports (of course) and more!!!

Gamers Unscripted 13:
Hosts & Guests

– CapnMikeM [Gamers In Beta]

– Pantless Steve [Press ‘A’ to Listen]

– Xiantayne [The OMG! Hour]

– Robop1g [@Good4Gaming]

The OMG Hour 140
:  It was certainly another slow week in the news department so we had the opportunity to cover some news we didn’t get to last week.  First, of course, we talk all about the games we’ve been playing and Sean and Jeff discuss their brief time spend in the world of Elite: Dangerous and Sean finally finishes Assassin’s Creed Unity.  In the news, we have Minecraft, OUYA, why the big 3 consoles are ditching the TV, Sony selling SOE, and finally the latest in the number race. One console owns the majority of the market but can they keep it?  For all the links to everything we talk about, be sure to visit

Tap the Craft 14: In Episode 14 of Tap the Craft we break down the malting process and discuss how the use of malt can affect the beer flavor, aroma and color.  We also discuss the difference between base and specialty malts and provide details on some of the most commonly used.  We also discuss our take on the Budweiser controversial Super Bowl commercial and about the AB InBev inquisition of Elysian Brewing.  Our listener participation tasting notes for Ep15 will be with Widmer Brothers’ Hefeweizen…so prepare to grab yourself a bottle or two and drink along with us.

If you would like to contact the show you can reach the host through email at, or follow us on twitter @tapthecraft or leave comments on the show post on or Google+ just search for Tap the Craft to find the podcast page.  You can follow me personally on Twitter, Instagram and Untappd @lucescrew.  You can follow John on Twitter @primebrewing and on Untappd @primeWA and follow his blog at
The 40Cast 226: Welcome to episode 226 of The 40Cast. We got Denny from Tap The Craft Podcast joining us this week and we discuss Budweiser and Craft beers! Make sure to follow Tap The Craft Podcast on twitter @tapthecraft

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I Recommend 81:  Here we are with another wonderful episode of I Recommend. Remember, we are still looking for guest hosts so if you are interested, then, please contact us.   You can leave feedback on iTunes, Zune, Twitter, Facebook, Stitcher Radio, send email to , call our voiceline at 1-347-433-5389 (Geek-FTW) , or leave a comment below.

  1. Is This The Line-Up For The Live-Action Teen Titans TV Show?!
  2. Sony Pictures co-chair steps down months after massive hack
  3. Arrow:New Suicide Squad member
  4. Atom Costume
  6. Film isn’t dead yet

The Geeks FTW 206:  We are back and on Time for another episode! We somehow manage to talk over an hour when news is a little light and we haven’t been playing too much games.

  1. Sony Sells Off Sony Online Entertainment, Multi-Platform Games Coming
  2. Gas Powered Phone Charger in Your Pocket
  3. Final Club Nintendo Rewards

Platform Junkies 88:  Josh, Val and Joe State move on in their first episode of A.B. – After Ben. Birthday parties, the Super Bowl haters, new phones, Daredevil and Lime Breeze Rockstars are talked about, for no real reason. Also, games. What games you ask? How about FarCry 4, Disney Magical World, Monument Valley, Destiny and several more. Oh, and some more classic outtakes.

JPS Dying Light Review:  What do you call a game that haunts your dreams at night and pulls you in with a gripping story about survival, humanity, and betrayal that also can be downright frustrating to play and has graphical issues? The trite answer is you call it Dying Light from Techland and Warner Brothers Interactive.

AceBlack’s School of Hard Knox (Gaming Tips) 3: Slow Downing, Communication, Sensitivity (Not the Ralph Tresvant kind)