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I understand we have a lot of shows.  You can’t possibly listen to them all.  To alleviate that, I, Bluemanrule, will post a summary of last week’s shows.  Let’s be  honest, it takes a week to listen to all of our content anyway.  These notes come from each show’s notes so if you fail to see it, I don’t have notes on it.  I hope reading this summary will spark your interest in one show or another.  Thanks for listening. Subscribe, leave feedback and Stay Open!

Gamer Husbands Radio 359:  WWE event, EA Charging for gas in a mobile racer, WiiU 32GB bundle (Ebay) for $260, Dragon’s Dogma Online, Lefty’s PAX South,

The Married Gamers 356:  This week we Nintendo some love as we discuss 2014 for Nintendo, their past and their future. Joining us are Andre Tipton of the website, Real Otaku Gamer, and games journalist, Robert Workman. Hear us give the ‘Big N’ the love it deserves.

Open Forum Radio 234:  TMO, Vladz, Ace, Henry. Shayward, Faitios and TinPan are here to witness Blueman curse a Blue Streak about American Airlines on his trip to PAX SOUTH. We talk about PAX, Windows 10, Destiny needing a lore patch, the Fantastic Four trailer, Sports, low ball pressure,  College Football, UFC and more.

Prove Your Point 63:  This week sees a return of Mike a.k.a Scarfinger.  We discuss his issues getting a cellphone, ponder his vacillation between an Alienware Steam box or an Xbox One and Playstation topics.  We then discuss MAGFest, the Mass Effect 4 Rumors and I talk a little PAX South.

TheOMG!Hour 138:  There is plenty of gaming talk this week, which is good, I supposed, since this is a gaming podcast, right?  After covering our list of games we played this week, we discuss the latest news of new games coming soon to a console near you.  Games such as Sid Meier’s Starships,  Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and even tabletop games like the wildly successful Exploding Kittens. One of us gets it, one of us doesn’t.  We also talk a lot about the big Windows 10 Briefing this week and what that means for the future of computing, especially with Microsoft Hololens.  Colour us excited.  Oh, and we might even talk about Star Trek for a few minutes

Tap the Craft 13:  Learn about the beer brewing process in Episode13 of Tap the Craft.  This episode focuses on educating the listener on the brewing process so you can understand the stages when discussed in future shows.  We also have our listener participation tasting notes with Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter…so grab yourself a bottle or two and drink along with us.

The 40Cast 224:  Welcome to episode 224 of The 40Cast. Victor Johnson returns this week to spread his love of college football and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Matt talks a little about Marge Simpson and Playboy

I Recommend 80:

We are back for another episode of I Recommend. We talk about the upcoming Power Rangers movie as well as David Tennant being casted in Jessica Jones. We also talk about a bunch of super hero movie news.

  1. Jason David Frank says Power Rangers reboot to shoot this year, hopes to be involved as “there’s no movie without me”
  2. Netflix’s ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones’ gets David Tennant for a villain
  3. Limitless Will Be Turned Into A Police Procedural For TV
  4. Super Hero Topics

The Geeks FTW 205: William is back from PAX. We talk about that and Windows 10

Platform Junkies 87:  Episode 87 officially marks the last episode for Ben Harris, who’s been here from episode 1. We also talk about some games and stuff too, comics, tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos and a bunch of random things, as usual. Best of all, we try to say goodbye to Ben the only way we know how – by making a big deal out of it. Goodbye, friend. You’ll always be a Junkie.

Just Press Start 147: It has been 6 months since Jeff and I sat down to record, and if it weren’t for Jeff, Just Press Start wouldn’t be a thing anymore. I am beyond thankful for him holding down the fort while I was fixing things in my life.

This week on the Show: (Warning we covered A LOT!)

We focused on why I took such a long break from the podcast
Gamer Gate
We FINALLY announce that we are a part of the Open Forum Radio Network (Sorry OFR on taking so long)
PAX South
Reviews that we were wildly Different than most
Quick Reviews:
Tell Tale’s Game of Thrones
Tell Tales Tales from the Borderlands
Elite: Dangerous (AKA EVE Online as I wanted it.)
Being Penalized in a game
Game of the Year for 2014 (We know we are late)

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