My two favourite films of 2011 so far

Each year, and since around 1997 I have always selected two films that came out in any given year to receive my ‘award’ for Best Films of the Year.

I do wish I had kept a list of the winners but sadly I have not.

I do remember though that my choices were not always popular amongst my friends but hey, they can give their own awards out cant they.

Mine are for me.

Past winners included LA Confidential, Memento, Rambo, Miami Vice, Blood Diamond, Wall St:Money Never Sleeps and Lovely Bones.

So which films win this year? Well up until about two weeks ago there wasn’t really anything that had leapt out as stunning for 2011. I was concerned, and also saw that nothing much was coming out this year that had caused me any excitement.

Until I saw The Fighter which became my first ‘wow’ film of the year. I am not sure what it was about that film, just that I really liked it. The acting, the underdog storyline, the setting, the music. Just all fell into place and made me realise that hey not all 2011 films suck.

I was happy, but did wonder if I would see another film this year that would impress.

Well guess what. I have, I did , and its another ‘wow’ film in my opinion.

That film is. . drum roll please…….the title is….

Sucker Punch.

It’s a weird film for me to give the award to because, well to be honest the storyline confused me a little and if I were to tell someone about the film it wouldn’t really sound impressive. But that film has the best visuals that I have seen in a film for years.

Its soundtrack is perfectly fitting, its acting is fine and I have no objection to the main cast being all girls running around doing high kicks.

But for me it’s the visual style of Zack Snyder (300, Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen) which puts this film straight onto my radar. Its part video game, part graphic novel, part …Im not sure what. But I like it.

I recommend it, and more …..I want to know what everyone else thinks of the film.