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2020. I can probably stop there, right? Just uttering those four numbers causes shivers down the spines of billions at this point. I had my own “20/20 Vision” planned for the year, but it ended up changing over the course of the year due to so much taking place. The pandemic caused my job to go from chill to hectic, and I have had to put off many goals in order to wrap up my computer software degree. By the way, I graduate in November….just thought I would drop that in this post. Despite all of this though, many of us have found a way to cope. And video games can really save the day let me tell you. Final Fantasy 7 Remake means more to me than it does for many who are experiencing this RPG for the first time. Although it is not a 1-to-1 comparison to the game released in 1997, it still brings back warm fuzzy memories to me helping me to endure this year with some solid fun.

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It has been a year of changes and some of the changes have been for the better. Work from home is now becoming a norm, and schools have created programs to help our young ones stay in place, safe from harmful exposure. Change has come to the PlayStation classic, but it has been good for me to experience this. I found myself wondering if this version of the game would stick close to the original in regard to plot development and scripting. This is a brand new game in reality, and that is a great thing. We have, in my opinion, a new Final Fantasy title with Final Fantasy 7 as the icing and decoration. We are basically playing Advent Children in regard to the visuals and action. It can look and feel surreal at times, and I mean that in a rad way.

It can be an awesome feeling to be in familiar territory. In the case of playing through 40+ hours of a classic that feeling can become stale quickly. Square-Enix manages to create some familiar environments with a different feel. Some of the environments can feel a little cramped. Almost like running through corridors or tunnels, but overall the feeling is immersive. I can’t wait to go into the open world to see and feel how open it really will be. I remember thinking to myself that the first time I played the original game the world was wide open and ripe for exploration. Can you imagine an open-world almost the size and scope of Red Dead or The Witcher? It can be thrilling to think about, but I will temper my expectations.

Just as we all hold optimistic feelings for 2021, I am hoping for an even bigger and better experience when episode 2 comes for this series. As I come to the conclusion of the first episode, I find myself definitely wishing there was more. But I can’t deny that this trip down memory lane mixed with some new direction has been a welcome getaway during a very stressful year. How did you feel about this game? Did it meet expectations? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!