OFR #25: Wear a Cup

Recorded on Vicjo’s Birthday this show starts off in normal OFR fashion, but soon turns into craziness by the end. Make sure you hang in there for our post show antics. This week we talk about LOST, Justified, 24 just to name a few shows. Also Vlad share’s his thoughts on the Halo Reach BETA. Vic is getting more into handheld games and the most of the team is playing Battlfield Bad Company 2. Plus more gaming updates.

We talk about the NFL, the NBA and rumors of the Big 10 expanding. Dallas Braden’s perfect game and what is up with the UFC. Partriot’s HOT MINUTE: The Maxim Top 100 list. WHAT?!!!!

Top it off with the longest shout-out segment in OFR History and laughs upon laughs.

Hope you enjoy. Let’s Get IT! (and always wear a cup man!)