OFR 291 – I’m gonna tell Mom

Bluemanrule, Slasher and Vladz are back but….. ELAINE is back too!!!  And she brought with her Marcia from The Mommy Gammers and a bottle of rum. We shout out TMO because we miss him and jump into VR, AR, New Powergloaves and all the reality other than normal. We also discuss the new vison of gaming on Windows 10/Xbox, Gears of War on PC, Pokemon, Uncharted 4 MP, Gotham, Getting Old, Potato Decorating, Skin rashes, Job prospects, We are Getting old, kids are getting older, Far Cry, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Street Fighter V, Blindspot, Fire Emplem Fates, Birthright, Twitch, Making it Rain, Portal Knights, Gears 3 Horde Mode, Chris Jones letting it all flop out, Steph Curry being SUPER AWESOME, Gamenights and more.




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