OFR 302 – OFR Remake Yourself

OFR 302 – With Special Guest Devious Mr Matt @DeviousMrMatt

Remaking yourself – Body Hacking:  Becoming Snake from Metal Gear 5


What gadgets would you add to your arm?

      1. Computer – Mouse/Keyboard interface, Laser, Cellphone/Internet, USB, HDMI…. RD/D2 like interface with anything, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Taser,
      2. Cigar lighter, cigar cutter, cigar humidor, flask
      3. Bottle opener, laser pointer (to mess with cats), Compass
      4. Fast finger/hand speed for work and in the bedroom

Re-make me again Batman: Return to Arkham

    1. Watch the Trailer ~ Game released July 26th 2016
      1. Beautiful, fantastic games, but…..
    2. Would Rockstar ‘remaster’ the GTA games?
      1. They’d ask themselves: ‘Is this going to delight customers, is this going to look good?'” Zelnick asked. …… ‘Will this be exciting to consumers, will they be happy with it, will it reflect well on our brand, will it reflect well on our company?'” he added. “And if the answer is yes, then it may well be a compelling opportunity. But if the answer is indifferent or no then even if we have an opportunity  to make a few bucks we probably would decline.
    3. No PC version?

No Red Dead 2 this year?

    1. No New Rockstar Game Until April 2017 At the Earliest, Company Confirms
      1. But still holding out hope after the free games for June leaked screenshot
      1. Take-Two GTA 5 Has Now Shipped 65 Million Copies
        1. We need to start a Bluemanrule needs to play GTA GoFundMe campaign 

Star Trek – First Look Teaser Revealed

    1. Coming to TV in 2017
    2. Star Trek Beyond In theaters July 22nd 2016

Female Superheroes Cate Blanchett joins Thor: Ragnarok as Marvel Studios’ first major female supervillain

    1. Marvel May Have Scrapped the Woman Villain in Iron Man 3 for the Dumbest Reason because of toy sales! – scrap a female villain over toy sale concerns

Shoutout to the Mason Sims Legacy Tournament this past weekend

A week late, but Xbox One / PC cross platform play is out today

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