OFR #32: Open Forum Redemption

This Show’s Topics include: Lost, The A-Team,   ** A Red Dead Redemption Spoiler Alert **  , Megan Fox’s Panties, Bob the TV repairman, Toy Story3 the game, Blue Ray player updates, Patriot’s PS3 dies during our show, We take a PS3 support call on our OFR phone lines, Alan Wake, Crackdown2, More Red Dead Redemption love, our Openformradio.com website update, 3 Hot Minutes, RDR Rapsong and Vic’s new single exclusive release right here on OFR32 !!

Please be aware that this show contains the ending of Red Dead Redemption. You can bypass this spoiler by skiping those 5 mins from 29:22 to 33:54.

Thaks for listening and Let’s Get It !!!!