OFR 324 – OFR War Stories

Open Forum Radio – Episode 324
OFR Season 7 (Episode 57) – OFR War Stories


Battlefield 1
Quite possibly the BEST war shooter ever!
Vladz: Incredible engaging non-linear presentation. Beautiful sound, unique approach, still holds fast to the demo flying thing but I didn’t mind that much, it helped with the dog-fights. One of, if not the BEST intros ever! The ONLY thing disappointing that I’ve found is that I wanted more. 6 war stories – Prologue +5 more, and I just want more and more. Hopefully they’ll hear that from their customer/fanbase and maybe more will be available with the season pass which is a must own now.

Derek: nothing but multiplayer lol so far love the maps guns and sound hate the gas grenades lol

TMO: Don’t have it damnit! : (  tmobattlefield

Jay: The intro was incredible, the graphics and sound are second to none. Wow, is it just me or does this game feel like it has a soul…not just some shiny bull.

Battlefield 1 is excellent because the series has stopped trying to be Call of Duty

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer #1

    1. Beautiful, detailed, WOW, sold take our money now please. Fall 2017
      1. The scene by scene breakdown via IGN

 Nintendo Switch Trailer

    1. WOW….. wow!!!
      1. And again there is a breakdown of all the goodness revealed by IGN


    1. The Coalition will be experimenting with social cross-play weekends!


    1. 25% Law firm representing the industry says the union’s members work on less than 25% of games made

Internet getting smacked around last Friday smacked around last Friday


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Fun in Galveston Best/Worstish:  Walking Dead SP

Best: BF1 Worst: Post podcast/Dog trouble but recovering

Best: home security system   Best: beat vladddddzzzzzzzzz in fantasy whewww close game / also weekend trip to tha U.P eh.

Best: B.S. Golden Regimen placed 2nd in BOA Regional Best: Chiefs win/Exciting future stuff

Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

Walking Dead season premiere, Gotham, PSU Gears of War 4, Westworld, Phone upgrade  battlefield 1, walking dead premiere, infinite warfare beta

Westworld, Gears 4 Arms Race is fun, Song of the Week (hip hop for a change): Still D.R.E.-Dr. Dre The Chronic 2001 Still D.R.E. Vevo Video


  • NFL  
    • Texans: Brock ain’t it
    • Cowboys are #4 on ESPN’s power ranking, glad to be able to share this with my son
  • College football   
    • Penn State DEFEATS Ohio State!!! Thanks penn state now michigan is no 2 in the country whoooooooooooo.

🏈 OFR FFL 2016: This week’s match-ups 🏈   

Tmo Full Effect 92.14 Farmerton Haymakers 115.74
SKYKIDO’S 113.78 DeeRodge 72.34
Aqua-Vladz 113.88 hew jorgan 118.94
LuceScrews 120.22 Meef aka The Talent 79.46
Facetious Jesters 104.78 Noobz 2 U 101.22

Shout-outs:  * We will be back for next  weeks for Ep 61, then we’ll be off the night of the election. Then we’ll be back in your ear for Ep 62 the last show of Season 7.  

Xbox Fam, Holy, Rosi, TMO, Derek, Vladz, OFR Network, Listeners  My mama turning 70 this past Friday  ofr crew , skyzon, holy headshot, meef j , glovebox and his redskins , tmo the lions are coming for your texans lol , and a huge shout out to my friend jimmy aka rocketchip for an awesome job on installing my home security system. And traverse city michigan . ill take pics and post them.