OFR 328 – OFR Podcast Simulator


The Daily Grind Simulated  

    1. Farm Simulator 2017 sold over a Million copies so far, Truck Driver, Railroad, Car Mechanic, Gardener, job simulator,  Lumber Simulator, Prison Simulator (shout out to Cell Block C)  cook/chef simulator or umm education simulator
      1. What other jobs could they make a game out of?   I think a ‘Cops’ mixed with ‘CHIPS’ / Hill Street Blues show simulator game based on a mix type thing of the TV shows would be awesome
      2. Could they make a Simulator game out of your job?


A better way to DLC?

    1. Titanfall 2 free maps
    2. Rainbow 6 Siege has free maps, but you pay for new characters, skins, weapons, etc.

Today FF at Target Wiz’s Energizing Elixir

Still pushing ReCore hdr support coming to ReCore in 2017

The Division is back Daily Player Levels Return to Where They Were at Launch

Star Wars

    1. Got tickets?
    2. Still hope for Obi-Wan Kenobi Feature in the Star Wars Saga Movies

HUGE gaming platform unlocked Facebook’s deeper push into games with Instant Games like Pac-Man becoming available through Messenger and News Feed


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Black Friday Worst: Now X-mas shopping for kids

Best: SynDCats Worst: Totally skipped Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Best: Black Friday shopping Worst: Wallet is crying

Best: Thanksgiving/Joined Planet Fitness Worst: Thanksgiving

Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

The Imitation Game, Titanfall 2 MP, Gotham  Westworld, Moana, Museum of Natural Science  /   Westworld, Gears 4 MP, Big Chiefs OT Win, Song of the week (shout-out to @good4gaming for the request):  Black Stone Cherry – Peace Pipe    Lions in first place! . Titanfall 2 , caught up on Westworld


  • College football   
    • Penn State is alive and well
      • The worst part is routing for OHIO STATE (Still leaves a horrible taste in my mouth..ugh) to get my team in the BIG10 playoffs

🏈 OFR FFL 2016: This week’s match-ups 🏈   

4 teams w/ same record fighting for playoff spots, 1 game to go

Division 1: Xbox Division 2: Playstation
1(1) Aqua-Vladz 8-4-0 1(2) Facetious Jesters 7-5-0

2(3) Noobz 2 U 7-5-0 2(4) LuceScrews 7-5-0

3(8) hew jorgan 5-7-0 3(5) Tmo Full Effect 7-5-0

4(9) SKYKIDO’S 5-7-0 4(6) Farmerton Haymakers 6-6-0

5(10) DeeRodge 2-10-0 5(7) Meef aka The Talent 6-6-0

Shout-outs: Jlaw, El34, Ocaptain, Corrosive Fix, JD,Rosi, Good4Gaming, OFR Crew

The Gears God @MrCaymanian, Demon @D3monWo1f, DeeRodge’s ankle @DeeRodgers1991, The Cowboys crew: KNOXbroadcast @HolyHeadshot @GloveBox, sam @Valagas & Jason aka Golfrat,  ofr crew , rocketchip , josh the drywall dude, middle finger to ohio state and the refs , robopig , glovebox , meef j , holy headshot, nuckelhead, Nintendo thanks for nothing, lost my sale