OFR 416 – You Gon’ Learn Today

Open Forum Radio – Episode 416

OFR Season 9 (Episode 37) – You Gon’ Learn Today

Tuesday, Aug 7th  2018 9:49 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Vladz, Jason

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Get to studying Forget math. Parents now pay ‘Fortnite’ tutors to improve their kids’ skills

  • Fortnite isn’t Google Playin’ “30% store tax is a high cost,” says Sweeney as Fortnite skips Google Play
  • With eSports and gamers justifying ‘gaming’ as not a waste of time in some stereotypical views but legitimate entertainment… is it so different than hiring a pitching coach, golfing coach, swim coach, guitar teacher, singing coach, etc. ?
  • Or have we just plain lost our minds?


It is bad enough everyone around us in traffic is looking at their phones…. Do we need to play Pole Position in our car?


Weird ‘monster’ captured on film ‘stalking a moose’ in Canadian wilderness commentators have likened it to Gollum


20 ads from this one Cyberpunk 2077


Make it so… Star Trek all access announces Patrick Stewart returns as Jean Luc Picard!



Best 😀 & Worst 🖕 of the week (Try to stick to 1  thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Mrs Vladz’s surgery went well and out in time to go to the beach. Best: I’m at the beach!!!

Best:  News of new Picard Series Worst: Embarrassing Daughter

Best:    company picnic worst: jury duty

Best: Having a little Xbox time this week Worst: Working OT on a Saturday


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)

COD WWII, Forza 3, my SOTW choices either: Young Lady You’re Scaring Me or The Struts- Body Talks. Better Call Saul Ssn 4, Old school board gaming, Ant Man & The Wasp.   Cod Ww2 . madden 19 . detroiters . preacher. No Man’s Sky (played about 4-6 hrs, having fun so far!), Arguing with a coworker working on one of my projects (so fun 😐), having to perform illegal traffic maneuvers because of stalled vehicles and aholes, SotW: No Brainer – DJ Khaled



  • NFL 🏈
    • Football is back!! Ravens vs Bears last week
    • Hall of Fame induction
    • New rule / ANY player lowering their head
    • Male cheerleaders this year


Shout-outs: 😎 🖕  Family, friends, friends of the show OFR Crew, 😎 🖕 ofr crew , rocketchip . dragon 59 , meef j . holy headshot , josh laney , denny tap the craft trek brewery and hopcloth for my sweet drink beer from michigan shirt,  listeners and community