OFR 442 – Living Legend

Open Forum Radio – Episode 442

OFR Season 10 (Episode 11) – Living Legend

Tuesday, Feb 5th  2019 9:42 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Jason, Vladz

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  1. Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live cross-platform gaming to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and more Microsoft has made no secrets about its cross-platform ambitions, and it’s about to turn up the heat.
    1. Microsoft is aiming to bring Xbox Live cross-platform play to even more titles. Developers will be able to bake cross-platform Xbox Live achievements, social systems, and multiplayer, into games built for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, as part of its division-wide effort to grow Xbox Live’s user base. Now Xbox Live is about to get MUCH bigger. Xbox Live is expanding from 400M gaming devices and a reach to over 68M active players to over 2B devices with the release of our new cross-platform XDK.
    2. If they do, then they need to make sure this doesn’t become a regular experience: Users can’t sign or launch games Xbox One
    3. Microsoft Studios rebranded Xbox Game Studios
    4. Project Xcloud should let you stream native console games everywhere
  1. Crackdown 3 features a roughly 15-hour long campaign
    1. Multiplayer Wrecking Zone: Put simply, it’s not as impressive as those demos were. it takes place on more limited, enclosed maps with a stringent time limit, so the promise of being able to collapse a building and watch it topple into another and cause a domino effect of collapse after collapse simply can’t be achieved.People are still going to lose their minds
  1. Respawn launched a free-to-play battle royale version of Titanfall called “Apex Legends” yesterday
    1. EA didn’t pre-announce apex legends because it was scared to
    2. 25.26 GB download on Xbox while smaller on PS4 & PC
    3. All the guns of Titanfall without….um… the Titanfall name/brand? WTH?
      1. Gameplay “Battle Royale Gameplay” Trailer
      2. Had me wishing for the TitanFall 2 gameplay feel, wall running, grapple, all that awesomeness… so I had to put that in.
      3. Respawn working more Titanfall later this year
  1. Halo: Outpost Discovery

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)      

Gotham, AC Odyssey, Apex Legends/TitanFall 2.   Chapter 6 of RDR2, Killing Eve, Escape Room, will try Apex Legends as well Want to try Apex Legends, Finishing flooring and trim work, Son officially passed his HiSET testing and will get his diploma!!!! SotW: Bodies – Drowning Pool

Apex legends . blops 4 . . tag . family got all new cell phones , taxes done bring on summer fun


  • NFL 🏈
    • Super Bowl: Rams and Patriots
      • The most boring Super Bowl in HISTORY?
      • No Doubt about it… Brady is the GOAT, he is a Living Legend.

But many shoutout for his defense holding 32 points a game to 3

  • Super Bowl Ads!
    • Bud Light GoT & Corn Syrup ads , 100 NFL, Walmart cars,

Shout-outs: 😎 🖕  Family, friends, friends of the show OFR Crew  🖕 😎 Conspiracy Otter Ep 5, DeeRodge, ofr crew , my girl roseanne doing some show prep with me in the jacuzzi , extreme shaft , rocket chip . jim blumar , kool kev , meef j , and a dude i just met in apex was really kool , t mobile , middle finger to weather and ex wifes pipes burst in house put up in a hotel , listeners and community,