OFR 452 – Rise OFR, Rise

Open Forum Radio – Episode 452

OFR Season 10 (Episode 20) – Rise OFR, Rise

Tuesday, April 16th  2019 10:00 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Whiskey, Derek, Vladz,  

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  1. Something in the stars:
    1. OMG!!! STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie
      1. The BIG REVEAL at the end is we hear the Emperor’s laugh. At the Star Wars Celebration after the trailer the lights when the lights came back up – Ian McDiarmid was standing on stage, pretty much confirming that we’ll see the return of the Emperor!!
        1. BB8 has a small friend – “Dio” (no not Ronnie James Dio)
  1. Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order — Official Story Reveal Trailer a third-person action-adventure game, which will have no multiplayer and zero microtransactions
    1. Characters
      1. Main character Cal is voiced by Gotham’s Sign In Cameron Monaghan who plays Joker
        1. Of course you can’t please everyone. Some ‘fans’  Aren’t Happy Cal Is A “Generic White Guy”
      2. New Droid Named BD-1
      3. The Antagonist is an Inquisitor named “Second Sister”   
    2. ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Combat Is About “Striking, Parrying, and Dodging”
    3. Dev Says Cal’s Lightsaber “Grows and Evolves”  😎 LOL too many jokes there.
    4. Pre-order bonuses and other misc stuff  
      1. no DLC, season pass, microtransactions, or loot boxes
  1. And Star Wars Celebration also revealed
    1. some new Hasbro – Action Figures
    2. VR game Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series
  1. Notre Dame Assassin’s Creed Unity will be used to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral
  1. Console news
    1. Sony’s PlayStation 5 specs teaser offers a glimpse at the power Xbox needs to beat
    2. Xbox leak New Xbox One Console Price Leaks, And It’s More Expensive Than People Thought

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)

GoT, The Silence, Black Summer, Veep, You vs Wild The Division 2, GoT. WFH got a new toy (see pics below), rebuilding storage shed on lake property, gotta play catch up on Div2 and GoT division 2 . apex legends with my son. Rewatching game of thrones with muh lady. More home renovation projects starting . work work work

& Now OFR Sports (leave space for intro)

  • The Masters: TIGER!!! 5th Masters win.
    • 85,000 wager, nets Gambler $1.2M off Tiger Woods’ Masters win said he’d been in deep debt recently 14 to 1 Tiger would win
  • NBA: Playoffs are underway
  • NFL 🏈 NFL
    • Waiting for the draft April 27th

Shout-outs: 😎 🖕  Family, friends, friends of the show OFR Crew, Slasher, Vladz, Shaft for the Division 2 fun 🖕 😎 Sling for giving a free month of Xbox Game Pass, Tinpan Alley, OFR Mouth of the South ofr crew . extreme shaft .AA . jim bluemer. faitios.  Holy headshot . roseanne . respawn for throwing their hat in the ring .happy easter and good Friday