OFR 471 – 471th Nervous Breakdown

Open Forum Radio – Episode 471

OFR Season 10 (Episode 39) – 471th Nervous Breakdown

Tuesday, August 27th 2019 9:48 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Whiskey, Derek’s Chair, Vladz, 

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  • OFR would like to thank Larry Bluemanrule for guesting on the OFR 470 and for the awesome insight clip from Knoxxbroadcast
    • We apologize for the week off and website issues. Looking at another host for openforumradio.com 
  • Sony, Spider-man and the Marvel Universe By Evan Lewis 20 hours ago  almost every story that comes out about these failed negotiations seems to make Sony look like the good guy. The corporation is trying their best to appease the executives at the House of Mouse by continually offering settlements that satisfy both parties. They even suggested that Disney could own 25% of the Spider-Man series going forward, as opposed to the 5% they used to have, which was promptly declined and countered with an egregious 50/50 split. 

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Why Woman Kill, The Fix on Netflix, Devil May Cry 5, 30 for 30 Podcast: The Sterling Affairs Mr. Robot, Gears 4, Yesterday, my son & girlfriend moved out The Division 2 almost lvl 20 (yes, you read that right, I actually played a video game), crazy vacation (temporarily lost my phone), Gears 5 soon

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