OFR 482 – OFR Sammich Plus

Open Forum Radio – Episode 482

OFR Season 10 (Episode 50) – OFR Sammich Plus   

Tuesday, November 12th 2019 9:45 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: AA, Derek, Vladz, Whiskey,

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Has any of us tried this sandwich yet? Should we ask the community for anyone that has to come on and tell us about it? 

  • Happy Disney Plus Day 
    • Star Wars!
      • The Mandalorian (Din Jarron)
      • All the Star Wars movies in 4K. The New Hope through The Force Awakens are all available with Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos support, There is also a 4K HDR version of Rogue One. (Solo and The Last Jedi aren’t available yet on the service)
        • And they’ve edited the Han/Greedo scene once more. Tightening the window in which Greedo ‘shoots first’ to almost simultaneously firing and now he utters something like ”maclunkey”  I’ve watched it a couple times and if you replay it over and over you can’t tell who shoots first but Han’s head jerking to the side is pretty crazy to see.  
    • 500+ movies
  • She-Hulk gets Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao (Among Gao’s credits is the Pickle Rick episode which she wrote, Comedy Central’s Corporate and HBO’s Silicon Valley.)
    • D23 announced Marvel Phase Four an original series from Marvel Studios, only on Disney+. 
  • Q: Could you win a trip to see the OFR Crew in Las Vegas for Episode 500? A: No
    • But maybe you could meet us there for St. Patrick’s Day

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)  COD, Elvis at the Winery, Hustlers (featuring Stormi Maya…. As heard on the 1st Slashertainment podcast) Battery change out while it was 15 degrees, car port fiasco, my dad took a hard fall,. Outer Worlds, Tooth Fairy problem, New AMP, KC’s birthday (11th) party, my mail vehicle, Christmas shopping for kids, Krusty the Clown  cod modern warfare , glass movie , disney plus 4k debacle , mandalorian , nostalghia homeostasis song of the week cause its kool and i love this chic lol


Shout-outs: All the OFR listeners, shout down to Carolina Carport their communication is garbage, shout up to AA, Vladz and Slasher (gutting it out), twitterverse and Marco polo (AA loves that sh*t) KC, Andrew, Bubba, Stuart, Faitios, Hambone   ofr crew, amp crew . rocketchip. jay guiles. . stuart from page 2 screen . josh lany,  jim bluemar, mr matt and hoody ninja for help with my 4k netflix issue 7inches of snow already fall was nice for 3 days

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