OFR 492 – Feeling The Crunch

Open Forum Radio – Episode 492

OFR Season 11 (Episode 8) – OFR Feeling The Crunch

Tuesday, Jan 22nd 2020 9:45 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: AA, Derek, Vladz, Whiskey, Bubba 

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  • Xbox Gaming across multiple devices, hardware, etc.  After articulating that vision for years, with Xbox Series X the company clearly realised that it was time to put up or shut up  
    • Sony has a different vision. PS4 Pro shows that it’s perfectly willing to do incremental mid-generation upgrades, but it still believes in the validity of a more or less clean break between generations.
    • Sony is banking on this effect driving interest and early adopter sales of PlayStation 5. Microsoft’s strategy is to eschew this effect to some extent in favour of the slow-burn advantages of a stable, steadily upgraded platform. This is a pretty major strategic gulf between the two companies which otherwise don’t look all that different in terms of the hardware they’ll be launching.

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)  1917, Midway, Des Rocs & The Glorious Sons show with the Fam, Jedi Fallen Order, Netflix (Unbelievable, The King, Dolomite), COD CHIEFS BABY!!!!, reorganize the garage for new ping pong table, ridiculously cold weather sucks ass, new starter on my car (holy crap what a crazy couple days that was) You on Netflix finished, Home Free both seasons finished, American Horror Story: Apocalypse finished, no sleep cuz Far Cry 5, Otter ep 7 prep, OFR 491, workbench plans, Honda 250,000.  Cod. 2 gold guns on the way to 3 . battle tier 99.bunch of chick flicks. Remodel guest bathroom. re Downloaded rocksmith time to jam . sotw for all us working hard and to neil peart   r.i.p rush workin man Finished Red Dead 2 (also watched all 4 alternate endings) Wife started her childcare today, still building the bed, caught up on Mrs. Maizel., Don’t F*** with Cats.


Shout-outs:   ofr crew , amp crew , stuart page 2 screen   jay guiles , rocketchip, jim bluemar roseannn. my son playing 3 instruments in band now .shout out to crown royal forgot just how tasty it is  All the OFR listeners, OFR Crew, Angry Mailman, Golf_Rat, Chiefs Kingdom, Deerodge, Sony fanboys (aka Golf_Rat), Devious Mr. Matt thanks for the encouragement,   Alfred tax talk, Shonuf71, KC breakfast and his shirt, Andrew, Bubba, OFR Crew  OFR listeners, OFR Crew, Faitios (like to propose a AMPY for next year to Faitios for going 8,422 words in a row without breathing on OFR 491), Golfrat and my son Corbin, Vic, Knox and Alfred – old timer podcasters with no time to podcast

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Extra Bonus 10 Minutes of Political Conversation!

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