OFR 52 Supplement

Amidst the holidays and hullabaloo, this is my favorite time of year to sneak in a few vacation days and luckily I was able to set all of them up for and arrange for long weekends.

Yesterday, the Open Forum Radio network all recorded a mega episode in honor of episode 52. We’ve been around for a year, the show is going strong and I’m glad to where we’ve grown and I certainly don’t want to stop now.

– Media & Gaming –

Over the weekend I was able to see the Warner Brothers and DC release of “Batman: Under the Red Hood.” While the movie does a great job of telling the story of the “Red Hood” story arc, DC has really turned the corner in my opinion and starting to gain my favor. While I had been a staunch Captain America fan, and still am, there’s something special about Batman and how significant that character has become. DC has a great team of writers for that character and even going back decades to animated series; Kevin Conroy will be the true Batman for many fans.

My co-host Blue and I tried to play our marquee game in the site’s NCAA 11 online dynasty, but we were experiencing connectivity issues. Playing sports games online has become a test of patience for me simply because of the lag that marginalizes the fun and overall experience. We’ll end up trying a different day.

During the monster recording time, and for some time after, I decided to grind through and make the concerted effort to complete the 100 feathers task back in “Assassin’s Creed 2”. Luckily I found an online map guide and was able to find 98 of the 100. I know which cities / districts the last two are and should be ready to make the jump over to “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” shortly.

– Sports –

Sunday night, I was able to see the Creighton Blue Jays hosted by the Northwestern Wildcats. Creighton has a new coach and what could be solid team in the MVC, but their showing on Sunday night was pathetic to say the least. Creighton has traditionally been an adequate 3-point shooting team, but they didn’t have it going on at all on Sunday. The team looked slow and shot selection looked like high school caliber. Every player seemed to be trying from beyond the arc with very little success. When you live by the 3, you die by the 3. Turnovers were also problematic. Northwestern’s Welsh-Ryan Arena is a dump, and that’s not sour grapes, every spectator seems to be so close to the floor and the maximum capacity couldn’t be more than 5K. After seeing some of the statistics being highlighted, Northwestern seems to be one of the better teams in the Big 10, though nothing in the vein of the Michigan State, Purdue or even Illinois, but they’re leading the conference in many of the telling stats including points per game, scoring percentage (I believe), and 3 Point Percentage. Creighton looked sick and they have to quickly get back to fundamental basketball. They had no post presence and everything seemed to be moving slow no matter if it was a pick and roll passing play. The Blue Jays looked indecisive and seemed to be playing on their heels, leading to a disappointed loss and showing to a surprisingly good travelling fan base.

I was wrong about the Bears. I had them pegged as a three win team because of how bad their offensive line had been. Since the bye week, they’re a different team though the biggest change has come from the coaching staff. I’m not a Lovie Smith fan by any stretch of the imagination, simply because he’s such an arrogant yutz. When Mike Martz was hired, the best analysis I heard about the team was that either, it will be a spectacular failure burning out each game in a blaze of interceptions, or that this is so crazy, it just might work. They’re an 8-3 team and in command of the NFC North and they’re playing good enough to win every week. I know what my eyes told me back in the beginning of the season and if things continue on this trend, they’ll make the change from good enough to good. Their defense and special teams have kept them in every single game, but their offense can burnout at anytime. I hate the term cautiously optimistic and having heard that a lot around town, it’s fun to be around a winning team (as long as it’s not the Cubs).

MLB arbitration results will be coming out later today and with some deals already going on, I’m genuinely shocked by the negotiating between the Yankees and Jeter’s camp. Jeter has been the face of the franchise since he came up and led them to 4 World Series titles in 6 appearances and perennial division titles. Both sides were hit with the news that the Dodgers were willing to give Juan Uribe a 3 year, $21MM contract. Uribe’s glove is worth that but Jeter’s defense has been on the downslide since “winning” the Gold Glove. His offensive production has been in decline though I can’t believe that Mr. November would play anywhere else. Rumors have speculated that the Giants, Cardinals and Red Sox have all extended discussions. If he goes to the Red Sox, there’s no way he becomes the anti-Ruth, but it would certainly be hilarious to see the egg on the face of the Yankees. I bet Cashman is regretting all the money he guaranteed to AJ Burnett, though I can’t imagine the pin-stripers to be all of sudden on a budget, that’s something I’ve never seen.

The South Beach Trio’s second banana LeBron decided to follow the third banana Bosh’s line in attacking their coach. If those knuckle heads think that their coach Erik Spoelstra is being too hard on them, well just they wait until Pat Riley takes over after their 12th loss. Guess what… I told you so. With only so many points to go around, Wade isn’t set to be number 2 to his second banana, while Bosh doesn’t want to put in the leg work. I love it. I was right and Miami can have those chumps. With the Bulls on the precipice of Boozer’s return, he will be able to take some pressure off both Noah and Rose who have been carrying the team. I believe winning creates “chemistry” and right now the South Beach Trio isn’t looking like they’ll shatter anything soon. After all the fanfare, media made frenzy, circle-jerking anointing that had gone on post signings, they can keep it. I’m glad the rest of the East is going about their business.