OFRagTag Community Game Night #3

Your hosts for the evening:

  • Bluemanrule
  • Aceblack
  • Def Prime
  • KnoxBroadcast
  • Pradius
  • Faitios

During gameplay of Dragon Age Inquisition and Spartan Ops within Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we discuss:

  • Destiny,
  • Witcher 3 and supporting Mantle
  • not feeling NeverWinter (and how powerful Pradius is),
  • the Microsoft Surface 3
  • Mindshare of the Xbox 360
  • Pradius gets embarrased trying to show off the Xbox 360 (Red Ring)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront III lacking SP
  • New game called damage control; where folks answer interview questions that
  • reflect some public sentiment
  • ABC’s new show Black-ish
  • and much, much more…For all the MeefJ’s of the world, this show is not suitable for work.  Put in your headphones and laugh