PAX EAST 2011 – The Whole Party

Scooped up from the editing room floor, we bring you the entire party that was the OFR PAX Megacast / Blastcast. This is an uncut recording of the Party in room 510. AND, Raikage Phoenix and Bluemanrule make a bet!

A video is also available on DVD, if you are interested email

Thank you to everyone from all of the other podcasters that joined us on this show. We hope to repeat this party with our friends next year as well. Grab your headphones, drink if you can and enjoy the party!

Guests are:

Scarcasm Live (SherrysJoy and Scarfinger)

Gamer Husbands Radio (GHR Allen & GHR Superman)

Post Game Report: JVB, SoldierX, Heroic Superman, Raikage Phoenix

That’s Our Opinion: SoldierX, Heroic Superman, Raikage Phoenix, & TG1 Eddie

Talking About Gamers:  Golf Rat