PAX South 2015: Alienware Alpha

This impromptu interview with Alex Chapman from Alienware is one of my favorites.  We talk about the practicality, scalability, and affordability of Alienware’s Alpha Steambox.  There are three price points, all of which bolster a different configuration.  As of right now, there are no AMD components in the Alienware Alpha hardware infrastructure.  That honor goes to Nvidia, which bolsters a 2 GB graphics card in the most affordable iteration of the Alpha (starting at $499).

The Operating system is Windows based. Alienware skinned, in mobile OS terms, the OS for a customized user interface.  The box is slightly smaller than an Xbox 360 (20cm x 20cm) and bolsters red lights.  It ships with a wireless Xbox one controller system that matches the black Alpha. Despite being very powerful, the system is very quiet.  Double Damage ran Rebel Galaxy off of an Alpha and it was hard to hear it running.  Granted I was on the PAX show floor but, I stood less than a foot from it.

If you are like Knoxbroadcast or Scarfinger and are interested in getting an Alpha, I’d say do it.  PC gaming is in a resurgence and a box like this offers scalability and future-proofing. Enjoy the interview below and let us know what you think.