PAX South: Moonrise

Undead Labs had a major showing this year at PAX South.  Open Forum Radio managed to cover both games (Jason aka Faitios saw State of Decay).  In this video, I sit down with Richard Foge and discuss Moonrise, a free-to-play robust RPG.

Moonrise stars a Warden mage who begins with a particular elemental affinity.  This can be changed at later points in the game.  The plot revolves around Solari who have been tainted by an evil force and become Lunari.  Your Warden will join with companions, a la Pokemon, to fight the villainous forces.  Along the way, the Warden gains abilities, armor, and relics, all the aspects you expect of an RPG.  It’s reminiscent of Ni No Kuni and that is a very good thing.