Point(less) Break

By: FromPage2Screen

Okay, I know they have always remade films, since the dawn of time (well the dawn of film anyways) remakes have always been around but its getting very silly now.

At one point a remake would come along for an original film that noone had seen, a film that came out decades ago. That was fine (I guess) as the remake was usually an improvement somehow on the earlier film. Then (and I would love to sit down and work out when the rot set in) remakes started becoming more frequent than original films and thats when the film world or rather film fans began to cry.

Someone once said (this morning in fact on the Internet Movie Database) that the best way to stop remakes you dont want to see is to stop watching them. Thats perfect logic and logic that I aim to follow.

Of course I will just stop paying for the films, I will just borrow them from people who have already bought them and see whether the remake is any good. As im sure (and hope) you know, not all remakes are bad.  Zack Snyders Dawn of The Dead remake was pretty good, I still like George Romeros version but Zack did a fine job.  Rob Zombies Halloween was a pretty decent remake, but again I wont erase the John Carpenter version.  Sadly there are very few decent remakes and this morning I saw online some very sad news.

Point Break to be remade.

I love Point Break. To me its still one of the best action films, its up there with Die Hard and Lethal Weapon as just enjoyable adrenaline fuelled fun. It was Keanu at his best and Patrick Swayze at his coolest.  So why remake it?

Not sure, Im sure it will star someone from either Glee or Twilight as the Keanu ‘John Utah’ role and god knows who as Swayze ‘Bodhi’

Ive really had enough of these remakes. Its bad enough that they are remaking Dirty Dancing, but I dont really mind that as I just wont watch it. Point Break however is my type of film and its a real shame they are remaking it. Oops should I say re-imagining.

Dont worry folks, Im sure I will remake this blog in about a week.