Potentially a new show with FromPage2Screen

During the recording of a podcast session this evening, discussions took place and its possible that there might be another show in the pipeline.

So what does that mean for the FromPage2Screen Structure (I am still very reluctant to call it an Empire)

FromPage2Screen General Waffle (the movie show will still run as usual)

FromPage2Screen:Spotlight (still run as normal)

FromPage2Screen LifeCast (Im thinking this will still run as normal, but I have a few tweaks I need to make to this show)

and the new unnamed show……….

Is four shows too much? Not really. Its not as if each of those shows is set in stone to record once a week, although I hope that the movie show and the lifecast will run at least once a week.

I can easily cope with the four shows. And for the FromPage2Screen Structure its a pretty exciting time.

The new show has no name as yet. There is a working title but the finalised name should be erm finalised on Sunday.

More details to follow.

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Larry Asberry Jr.

Four shows is a lot to handle for any one person. I hope you’re up to it.


I agree. Four shows is a lot. But they work in this order.

Most Regular will be the FromPage2Screen Media Show which is out once a week.

The lifecast I also hope to get out weekly although that depends on events and guests. But lets say once a week for that one. That makes two weekly shows.

The FromPage2Screen Spotlight happens now and again and appears on the same feed as the movie show. These are one off shows with a different guest each time. These are what I would call semi-irregular shows.

And the new show we hope to get out at least once every two, three or four weeks and one of the co-hosts is taking ‘point’ on this show so thats a little less work for me.

So four is a lot but not when I break it down as I have above 🙂 🙂

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