PYP 29: Spear of the Year (Free Roam)

Keith aka Rogue Spear of the 40cast drops by the studio.  We learn why Keith’s still rocking a flip phone (although he sells them during his day job), how cool of a character Kasumi is, and his urge to return to PC gaming. Mass Effect dominates the gaming discussion but Sleeping Dogs gets its time in the sun.

Moreover (it’s applicable here), we talk why I burned out on Burn Notice, how bad The Game is and why Tyler Perry sitcoms flop.  All this and tons more on episode 29 of this Free Roam edition of Prove Your Point. Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!

Keith’s Phone corner: 2:00 – 7:35
Rooting Devices:  7:36
Mass Effect series and 3 ending:  8:45
Kasumi is awesome:  11:40
ME 3 Multi-player:  12:35
Christmas and PC Gaming:  14:05
Binary Domain: 16:10
Who is Windows 8 for?:  20:00
Apple’s Product Design:  22:25
Keith’s Christmas:  23:00
Expensive Kids:  24:42

TV:  26:00

  • Boardwalk Empire: 27:15
  • Leverage: 29:00
  • Burn Notice: 29:30
  • Scandal: 32:30
  • Tyler Perry Sitcoms: 32:50

Movies in 2013:

  • Superman: 35:20
  • Paragon Lost:  36:20

Game endings

  • Mass Effect 3: 37:05
  • Onimusha: 38:10
  • Devil May Cry: 39:10
  • Heavenly Sword: 39:40

Dashboard updates: 41:35

What title will make you pick up a new console day 1 (Blue):  42:30
Sleeping Dogs: 43:30
What title will make you pick up a new console day 1 (Keith): 47:20
Spec Ops: The Line:  49:00