PYP 45: Podcasting.Veteran

VicJohUSMC86 stops by to discuss everything from politics to beer.  We rap about his military life, family and their shared love for games.  We delve into what starting him into podcasting, his start at TAG and his co-founding of Open Forum Radio.  Then, we get into his 40cast starting and, ultimately, ending.  All this and more on PYP 45.


2:45 – Community feedback

9:30 – Is President Obama the worst president in history

24:30Military life

30:20 – Where does your confidence come from

31:00 – How does the mistreatment of veterans affect you

32:15 – Desensitization and prioritization

35:00  – Games and family

39:50 – What got Vic into podcasting

42:57 – Open Forum Radio era

44:00 – Beer Talk…because it’s VicJoh

45:00 – 40Cast Out! The death of the 40Cast

46:00 – Where will you hang up your jersey?

47:30 – Ambassador Vic: The OFR greeter




(405) 283-6376 (OFRN)

Blue:  @lasberry
Vladz: @vladzhammer
VicJoh: @VicJohUSMC86