PYP 57: Top of Mind

PYP 57 is a solo venture detailing the shifting gamer demographics of today’s enthusiasts, and allegations of Microsoft bribing reviewers for high scores. I then deliver my thoughts on the downloadable title Legend of Korra for the Xbox One, talk about my plans for PAX South and what games from 2007 forward would you like to return to and play in your childhood. ¬†All this on episode 57 of PYP. The shirtless bandit also makes a cameo appearance.


  1. News:
    1. Gamer demographics
    2. Allegations: MS bribing reviewers for high scores?
  2. Show Topics:
    1. The Legend of Korra Review
    2. PAX South is not a work trip
    3. What’re games from this and last gen (2007 – 2014) ¬†would you like to take back to your childhood and play with friends?