PYP 58b: This is the Remix


Happy New Year! I am back in your ear after a long break.  I initially recorded PYP 58 with Knox Broadcast but I ended up muting my audio, which resulted in half a show.  Mike a.k.a Scarfinger comes on to help me remix that show.  I hope you enjoy the first of a full year of PYP.  Let’s get it!

Show Notes:

      1. 1st video of Eric Garner
      2. 2nd video of Eric Garner:  From the Nail Salon
      3. Video of Michael Brown’s slain body laying in street
      4. Deandre Joshua 1st murdered witness in Michael Brown case
      5. Shawn Gray 2nd Murdered witness in Michael Brown case
      6. Oklahoma law proposal to ban hoodies

1:32 – Kids at Christmas: They got that Glow!
2:21 – The Ninja Turtles movie wasn’t bad
3:15 – KOTOR
3:40 – Someone Spoiled KOTOR for me
6:33 – Female protagonists (Bayonetta & The Legend of Korra)
12:37 – Rumored Mass Effect collection
13:18 – Dragon Age Keep explained
17:00 – Why Mike doesn’t finish games
19:55 – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare love
23:00 – ISAAC!! (Dead Space)
25:00 – AC: Unity
34:55 – Black America post-Grand Juries
52:00 – The prejudicial treatment of black folks IS REAL
1:03:00 – The right voice for the cause?
1:08:20 – What propelled the Civil Rights movement
1:17:30 – Critique your media sources
1:23:00 – SEC re-evaluation
1:26:15 – Shoutouts begin
1:35:55 – Bill Cosby
1:37:00 – Blue’s Final Shoutouts:  Scarfinger, KnoxBroadcast, GloveBox, TheNoyse, Scarfinger, Dream Team, Faitios
1:38:09 – Pre-show banter