PYP 62: Irony

This week sees a return of Mike a.k.a Scarfinger.  We discuss his issues getting a cellphone, ponder his vacillation between an Alienware Steam box or an Xbox One and Playstation topics.  We then discuss MAGFest, the Mass Effect 4 Rumors and I talk a little PAX South.  All this and more on PYP63.

    1. News/Topics:
      1. 5:00 – Scarfinger has issues getting a phone (Ting)
      2. 14:00 – Alienware and Scarfinger
      3. 17:30 – Why Xbox w/o the Kinect
      4. 20:00 – PS+ value?
      5. 25:00 – Those not-so-awesome exclusives
        1. Uncharted 4 not-so-exciting
      6. 31:45:  MAGFest (Music & Gaming Fest)
      7. 40:30:  Smartwatch rage
      8. 50:00Mass Effect 4 rumors
      9. Mass Effect vs. Halo G+ community
      10. 1:02:45 – Things that don’t respect your time
        1. Airlines
        2. Doctors
        3. Cable Companies
        4. Trade Workers:  Plumbers/Electricians
      11. Cowbay Hat
      12. PAX South Wrap Up
        1. NAVGTR Best acting lead in a drama: Kevin Spacey Debate
        2. Many, many interviews
        3. Good group outings
          Plans for next year’s PAX: More panels, fewer interviews, one group hotel
      13. PYPs (Promote Your Places/People):


NAVGTR:  (Thomas Allen, Brian Bentley, Jesse Cox, Natalie, Spencer)
Married Gamers:  Chris B., Colby
Press A to Listen:  Josiah, Bishop, Steve

GeeksFTW/I Recommend:  Will

EDG:  Jay, Eric, Chris M.
My Peanut Gallery:  Jason
KnoxBroadcast:  Knox, Rufus

Coverage from PAX South

@Logitechtv (Sessler & Andrea Renee), Uber driver, airport couple, Bella (Astros), Damjan (Damion: Talos Principle), Jeremy (Handelabra:Sentinels of the Multiverse),Shereef Morse (Tic Toc:Pip), Daniel (Magnetic), James Motiga (Gigantic), Eric Schaefer (Double Damage, Rebel Galaxy), Loot Crate CM (Miranda?), Mandy (Gameloft)