PYP 63: Ten of the Gen

Mike “Scarfinger” from Geeks Gone Raw and Henry “Knoxbroadcast” drop in to discuss the top 10 games of last generation.  This show failed to decide who’s tougher, Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson.  That, PYPers, will be next week. Until then, end your week and start your weekend with something intelligent with PYP 63.

News/Topics:  Top 10 games of last generation (Ten of the Gen)

    1. Mass Effect
    2. Lost Odyssey
    3. Tales of Vesperia
    4. Bayonetta
    5. Uncharted 2
    6. Kingdoms of Amalur
    7. Tomb Raider
    8. Bioshock
    9. Dragon Age: DA:O
    10. DMC
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