PYP 64: Who’s Bad?

Henry aka KnoxBroadcast drops into today’s show to discuss DX12 developments, EA thinking it’s games need to be easier and a case of the comic characters.  Then, we settle debate of who wins in a fight, Kratos (God of War) or Dante (Devil May Cry).  All this and more on PYP64.


2:00 – Top 10 games of last generation (Ten of the Gen) Feedback: @Guru007, @TinPanAlley

9:30 DX 12

23:30  EA making games even easier? NO!

28:45 Jolie to direct Captain Marvel? NO!

32:15  Spiderman to the MCU! YES!

37:00 Spider-woman Variant controversy

46:00  Debate:   Who wins? Kratos or Dante?

Comic Vine DvK forum
GiantBomb DvK Thread

55:00  Shoutouts! @imonahorse, @scarfinger,
Unmentioned shouts:  DefPrime, Faitios, Aceblack, D3athFromAb0ve,

Out of Order Outtakes

1:00:00: Knox has a new logo

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