PYP 68: Snap Bracelets and PC gaming

Mike a.k.a “Scarfinger” a.k.a Real Talk joins me to simulcast a Scarcasm live. We discuss everything from Wearable electronics to slap bracelets. This is starting to become a regular thing and I like it. Enjoy PYP68.

2:45 – Samsung Flexible
5:45 – Mike: Nokia Morph
11:45 – Financials analysis: Apple
15:45 – Mike: Dame Dash Breakfast Club
23:00 – Light? Not at night
28:15 – Mike:  Rock Band 4 Compatible Instruments
33:45 – Kojima quits KojiPro?
38:15 – Mike: Microsoft’s Digital Future footprint
42:45 – Mike is going to buy an Alienware Alpha!
44:00 – Banished
45:15 – City Skyline
47:00 – Game Catalog app
53:00 – Shout Outs: MeefJ, DeviousMrMatt, Havoc310, Smosh Games; Honest Game Trailers (YouTube), Knox family, Wewoka High School, Oklahoma 2A Boys State Champions!, Powers (PSN), Scott Sterling (Youtube)