PYP 70: Too Smart for God?

Happy Easter!  Listeners it has been 66 episodes since I last spoke about Faith and God.  Well, Pastor Henry Knox, aka KnoxBroadcast, joins me to dispel the popular misgivings and misunderstanding about Faith.  We’ve had this episode in the hopper for about a year and were even more motivated to release this after watching the Game Over Greggy show, episode 65, part 2, What Would Make You Believe In God? We sincerely hope you take something positive away from this show.  Enjoy PYP 70.  He is risen!

Popular incorrect assumptions

  1. God only punishes
  2. Old Testament folks saw God but we do not now, therefore God is not real
  3. The Holy Bible is a literary allegory and should be only be figuratively interpreted
  4. Catholicism:
    1. Catholicism is an accurate representation of all Christian principles and values.
    2. Making Mary co intercessors w/ Jesus Christ (in order to obtain salvation)
    3. They believe/teach that the wine and bread taken in the Lord’s supper is actually converted into the blood and body of Christ
  5. Something from nothing
  6. Humanity is an accident
  7. Life on other planets destroys religion
    1. Define what life is
    2. Describe intelligent life
  8. Scientific Method: Observable, Testable, and Repeatable
  9. Universal things that break reality prove the absence of God
  10. Unifying energy
  11. No Proof: I Cor 2:10-14, Romans 1:18-22
  12. God didn’t account for space venturing

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