PYP 1: Spiderman is the G.O.A.T

In episode two, we debate which comic book publisher is more important to the industry.  We then deliberate the justification of EA’s newly introduce Online Pass.  Finally, we debate if a cold weather Superbowl is good for for the NFL. Enjoy the first official episode of Prove Your Point.


News: Mass Effect Movie                   8:40

News: Thundercats Renaissance             13:26

Topic 1: DC vs. Marvel                    19:40

Topic 2: EA’s Online Pass                 29:51

Topic 3:  Cold Weather Superbowl          41:55

Shout-outs & Housekeeping:                51:20

Supplementary information/Appendices

Exhibit A: Marvel vs DC Judge’s Opinion   58:04

Out of Order (Outtake #1)                 1:05:54

Exhibit B: EA’s Online Pass Judge Opinion 1:06:30

Exhibit B-2: Who’s responsible for informing consumers about missing online content?            1:13:00

Side Opinion: What does this mean for digital distribution?       1:20:40