PYP 10: Hip Hop Hour

HipHop Gamer (Gerard Williams) stops by to discuss the origins of his latest feature, Hot Girls of Gaming.  This all began as a twitter conversation.  I believe the purpose for his new featurette is noble but the execution could be counter-productive.  We discuss our thoughts within Prove Your Point #10.

My sincerest apologies go out to Mandy a.k.a Ladyluck34 from GamerTag Radio.  I missed her attempt to jump in.  Many thanks go out to Godfree from Gamertag Radio.  He’s been reaching down to lift others (me) as he climbs.  It’s noble that he volunteers to help others when he doesn’t have to.  Finally, I just want to reiterate my thanks to Paul for creating the brand new Prove Your Point logo.  .

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