PYP 8: Brotherly Love

Two of the coolest brothers I know , Zabari and The Aceblack, stop by for a quick sit-down.  We break down Vick hate levied by ESPN writers, unorthodox solutions for spider bites, Sony’s prospects and EA’s dissolution of single-player only games. The debate of the hour, brought by Aceblack, purports that games lacking multiplayer should be subject to variable pricing.  I reluctantly disagree.  Get your scorecards out and follow along at home.  This is a great debate.  Finally, we ask the gaming world, where are all the battle chess games? Enjoy episode 8 of Prove Your Point!  Let’s Get It!

04:43 – News: Vic Hate 12:42 – Tazing SpiderBites
17:06 – MOVE-ing 4.1 million units?
22:45 – HD collections: One of Sony’s unsung advantages?
25:06 – EA Games with a single-player only focus are over
35:43 – Ace’s topic: Games lacking multiplayer should/not be subject to variable pricing!
51:50 – Where’s the Battle Chess?
54:13 – Shoutouts!
1:00:28 – Out of Order #1 – Z’s out da cage
1:00:47  – Out of Order #2 – Naptime is no good.
1:01:05 – Out of Order # 3 – Movie Sharing? Inception
1:02:38 – Out of Order #4 – Popeye’s Trending on twitter.
1:03:02 – Our of Order #5 – Ace does the intro

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