PYP 22: Return to Form

We return to natural debate form when Geeks Gone Raw’s Rashanii and Scarfinger drop by.  We debate if movies kill kids’ imagination.  We also discuss the incoming Google tablet by ASUS and chop it up in Prove Your Point #22.

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3:17: Google’s New Tablet, manufactured by ASUS
24:49: Are movies ruining kids’ imagination?
38:18:  Judge’s (Scar) Opinion/Verdict – Winner crowned
1:02:00:  Shoutouts

Out of order 1: 1:07:17:  Scar salutes Commander Cut-down

Out of Order 2: 1:07:24:  Scar gets hype about the Ipod Mass Effect Datapad

Out of Order 3: 1:07:46:  Ace will call Blue at 2 in the morning

Out of Order 4:  1:08:02:  Scar is baffled about the ending to Mass Effect 3

Out of Order 5:  1:08:21: Surprise! Blue/Scar disagree

Out of Order 6:  1:09:11:  The Vita is a next day return for Ace’s barber

Out of Order 7:  1:09:36:  Kindle Fire/iPad thoughts

Out of Order 8:  1:10:21: Talk Yo Face Off

Out of Order 9:  1:11:10: Ace STILL doesn’t follow Rashanii on Twitter

Out of Order 10:  1:11:27: Ace really does follow Rashanii

Out of Order 11:  1:11:48:  Appeals as legal whining

Out of Order 12:  1:12:05: Scar states his bias