PYP 24: What’s Up with WiiU? (Free Roam)

Faitios formerly of Talking About Gamers and Zabari of the 2 Passions 1 Mic Section Z podcasts join Aceblack and Bluemanrule to discuss all the workings of WiiU.  We delve into skus, pricing, online features, games, and marketing strategy surrounding the new console’s launch.  There is no formal debate here but we have enough informal debate to last two shows.

Also, huge shoutouts to @AnthonyAlex, @AngryPodBubba @Sherrysjoy in this episode.  Since Alabama steam-rolled my Michigan Wolverines, I make good on my bet with the Angry Mailman and play the University of Alabama’s fight song along with a couple of R-Kelly-approved remixes of Roll Tide.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.  Stay Open!