PYP 69: Sticky Buns

I am joined by  Mike “Scarfinger” to discuss human’s natural tendency to hit it and quit it, the latest PS4 update, and break down Square Enix’s 2014 Financial Report. Then, the topic of the week revolves around, a crowd-funding site that will be used to keep collegiate athletes in school in lieu of going professional before graduation.

Additionally, my song, P-digga, is appended to the end of the show.  It’s written to poke fun at everyone worry about resolution.  Enjoy.

    1. PS4 firmware update
    2. Humans designed to hit it and quit it?
    3. Windows 10 will support 8K.
    5. Financial Analysis 102: Square Enix
    • ROE extremely volatile, yo-yo’s past two years, 2015 is on track to be down
      • Inconsistent product quality


  • Digital Entertainment segment, our Group’s core business, is currently undergoing a business reform 60.8% of net sales


  • “FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster,” “Thief” (Europe and North America only) and “TOMB RAIDER: DEFINITIVE EDITION exceeded sales estimates
  • MMO’s FF 11, FF XIV, & Dragon Quest 10 – 1 million subs
  • Goals
    • 1) revisiting long-term, large-scale development
    • 2) focusing on smart devices as game 04 consoles, and
    • 3) developing product portfolios tailored to local requirements
  • Dissolution of the Luminous engine