PYP 99: SoTI 1 of 2

Scarfinger, KnoxBroadcast, and Aceblack join me to discuss the State of the Gaming Industry as we see it in December 2015. Enjoy the show.

2:00 Scarfinger wants to curse on the last episode

10:00 When will digital sales count?

9:15  The gaming industry failure trends

14:15  39-9-99 = $39.99

15:00  The Digital Shelf

20:50  Why not open their books?

24:30  What is best innovation since 2007 that you would like to see in games moving forward? 

24:45  Audiologs that are not direction based (Bioshock)

26:00  Cloud Computing: Azure cloud computing

28:20  Customized AI: Varying AI for each player

31:30  Customizable controls for each game

32:00  Games as Services: Big meaty expansions on annualized games

38:00  Auto-Leveling: Upgrading skills based on how you play (Skyrim)

38:50  Consequential Death via Nemesis (Shadow of Mordor)

40:45  Skill-Learning from observation via Lost Odyssey

41:50  Strategic Synergy: Cooperative powers, team picking and synergistic effects

43:40  Rewards via streaming Services (Twitch w/Tomb Raider)

45:00  New Consoles really soon?



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