Quick Sports Thoughts

A quick round-up around my sports world: Heat lost, Bulls open, the Blackhawks are mercurial and the World Series is the last bit of baseball until late February/March.

Thankfully the Heat lost their opener against the veteran Celtics team. My magic number is down to 10 then I not care about basketball until the postseason starts in the spring. The new Bulls tip off tonight against the OKC Thunder, and with Boozer sidelined until Thanksgiving, they won’t be getting much viewing time from me. Let’s go Lakers!

Unfortunately the Blackhawks seem to be trying to do their best to not get their act together. While I’m no expert, I can only relay what my eyes tell me. Turco is a much different goalie than what I’m used to seeing, especially in recent years. His 360 vision seems to be limited and isn’t as quick between the bars, and that scares me. I don’t want flashy saves; I want reliability and fundamental soundness (No that’s not an endorsement or want for Niemi to come back). Not all the Blackhawks’ problems are between the pipes, the defense has been too soft and too early. Teams that give up between 30-40 shots will burn out their goalie and defensemen. The last thing a team that has shown to have superior defensive talent needs is a lot of bad ice minutes piling up. And again, the Blackhawks have to be more opportunistic when it comes to power plays. If they continue to struggle in the power play than while letting Andrew Ladd may look like a huge mistake.

Lastly, the World Series is projected to be one of the least viewed in history, considering there isn’t a fiercely loyal following between San Francisco, Arlington Texas, and we’re in the middle of football season. I’m throwing my support behind the Rangers, considering they’re the American League representative and I love watching Cliff Lee pitch. The last time the Giants were in the World Series, they lost to the Angels in seven games, in one of the most exciting Series in my viewing history. I want that trend to continue and it would be nice to reward what most consider a second tier team to win.

One last thought – I’m so very glad I’m not in the market for basketball shoes.