Remembering the fallen

o whats new with me? Well work is work and not working is better. I do enjoy working but for me a job has to be something I enjoy. And I don’t enjoy my day job at present. The day job affected a show I was meant to be on the other night, Worn out and mentally tired I had to skip a show that I enjoy doing and that pained me.

I don’t want to let that happen again.

Although I am not sure on the solution, when you are tired you are tired. But still, how dare work get in the way of my hobbies and passions.

So anyway, rant over. What have you been watching? Theres a question for you, but for now Ill answer it for myself.

I watched 1993’s The Crow, a film that I have seen many, many times and never tire of. I first saw this film upon its release and have since bought it on VHS , DVD and then Special Edition 2 DVD set. If I get a blu ray Id purchase that film yet again, but I haven’t so I don’t need to.

I have also watched….well very little else really. A single episode of Sons of Anarchy Season 3 and nothing else.

Oh stupid me, I watched a film from the 501 films you should see before you die and that film was Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracys Guess Whos Coming to Dinner, a film that I wasn’t too excited about but by the end of it, I was very impressed with. Go seek it out. Trust me, you will like it.

Its been a very quiet week viewing wise, what with late and long work days. But never fear. I have many days holiday coming up and I definitely need to catch up on some viewing.

The podcasting empire is going okay. Episode 30 was uploaded in the past few days and that now brings me up to date with product. I keep pondering what other shows to do but at this moment in time. I cant think of anything. Perhaps I am still tired, or perhaps I just don’t have any ideas. I hope for the former and dream the latter.