Roach Motel

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I had it all planned out. A glorious end to a rough year. I graduated from college in November and as a gift to myself, I preordered CyberPunk 2077. I planned on spending December playing up to my eyeballs in role-playing goodness. Lost in quests, character loot, skill trees, and an engrossing story. And I ended up with a bug-infested game that has filled me with so many emotions I just have to write about it. Strap in folks, it’s gonna’ be a buggy ride.

Full of Bugs

I will just get it out of the way, the Xbox One X version is rough. And that’s putting it nicely. I have played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on an Xbox Series X and an Xbox One X. Of course the Series X version is superior. AC Valhalla runs smooth and looks gorgeous. But, it doesn’t take a major hit when you play it on an Xbox One X. The One X is still a solid console and the games look great on the system. But Cyberpunk 2077 at times looks like a really good looking Xbox 360 game most of the time. Trust me, the high res screens I am including in this post is not indicative of the console quality. And that’s if the game is everunning. I have encountered more bugs in this game than any other game I can remember. NPCs floating in mid-air? Check. A game session lock-up/freeze? Check. Broken quests? Check. Sound issues? Check. The list goes on. Hotfix 1.05 repaired quite a bit, but I am still encountering bugs. I have played the game for around 20 hours and it has been a rough time.

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I have thought about taking advantage of the refund promotion going on at the moment with CDPR ( ), but I am trying to hang in there with this promising game. At the end of the day, this is a robust role-playing game made by CD Projekt Red. The Witcher 3 has to be the best gaming experience I have ever had playing a video game. In a similar fashion, CyberPunk 2077 is a massive game with a lot of sights to see and an interesting story that has some very interesting twists. There is a piece of me that knows this game will eventually turn around and become the game we were expecting.

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The Bug Spray

The level of depth is very impressive in regard to character development, quests, dialog, and more. This game is still a massive world to explore and lose yourself in. Despite all the bugs and internet angst, there is a game with a lot of potential. I have enjoyed creating and developing my version of V, the game’s main protagonist. My character is a stealthy, hacking, non-lethal Nomad woman with a big curly afro with red highlights. I mention all of those details because this game will let you tailor your experience almost exactly the way you desire. The character progression not only includes the base attributes but perks and skills come along for the cybernetic ride as well. I have not come across this feature yet, but you have the option to respec your character for a price. There is a lot of opportunities to play this game for hundreds of hours multiple times if you like.

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Great Potential

I think about the Witcher 3, the DLC, and the hours of gameplay that I enjoyed. I even started a Witcher playthrough on easy difficulty to enjoy the game’s story all over again. I think about CyberPunk getting the same treatment. Imagine new areas unlocking with new stories, gear, and adventure. There is still an opportunity to deliver an unforgettable game as we go into a new generation of consoles. Think about a five-star hotel that is high class with a bad bug infestation. If you clear away all of the bugs then you are left with a premium five-star hotel experience. If CD Projekt Red can clean up all of the bugs, PR drama, and deliver quality DLC, we may end up with the five-star promise we were expecting.