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I do my best to not get on a soap box often, but seriously people, enough is enough. I’m tired of the image that the media and so-called documentarians make of either traditional or conservative individuals in America, as if they’re all some sort of genetically disordered freaks.

Conservatives aren’t insane, backwoods, anti-government nut jobs that have fall out shelters, a decade’s worth of supplies and an armory. We’re just everyday people that believe in limited government in everyday lives, low taxes, a strong economy, a strong national defense and a right to ownership. Now that right to ownership is transcendent in everything, from personal property, to income and firearm ownership. Since when is it wrong to keep the things you work for and earn? And since when did it become abnormal for a person of sound, rational and now even licensed mind to want to defend his or her property.

People who have similar beliefs aren’t the “extreme right”, “fringe minority groups” or even the “Tea Party”. I know what the mainstream media is across the boards and since they are owned and operated as entertainment businesses, they’re themed and targeted to appeal to a certain message. Both sides are guilty. No one is innocent. I’m not purposing to fix that system, it’s sad what it’s become, all I’m saying is that people have to be responsible for obtaining and disseminating information themselves so they can make their own opinions.

It’s far too fashionable for people to criticize those that aren’t on the “mainstream opinion” or should I say those that have certain influences. Far too many people get their “news” and blindly follow the opinion of pundits that happen to be on the left *cough – Jon Stewart –cough*. He’s a comedian and a pundit. I’m not going to attack him or his research method, he’s not worth it.

All I’m saying is that people have to decipher what’s important to them. I know the principles that are important to me and yes they happened to be shared by other pundits and the “right” or conservative political mindset. I’m not anti-government or anything of the sort, though people have to realize that in the time of our founding and up through the 1900’s America’s politicians had other jobs and being a representative or senator wasn’t a full time job. I don’t know who to blame for making it a full time position but that’s not how it used to be around here, and maybe we would be better if that was the case going forward.

There, there now. That wasn’t too painful was it?

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What happens is that certain parties and political subsections push absolute division. Meaning if you disagree with one argument within an opinion than you are immediately against every good that opinion stands for.

This is the political version of sensationalism and has unnecessarily divided our nations since the mid 80s. I have unique political views because of my occupational and spiritual experiences. Extrapolation of various opinions sounds like the thing you in the bu

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