Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 review(Spoil free)

I want to start this review out by saying I am a huge Star Wars Fan. Its one of my favorite science fiction movie(s) of all time; that said I am going to post an honest review of how I felt about the video game that is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

The Force Unleashed 2 is very similar to the first game. Regarding combat, the typical moves such as Light Saber, Force Lightning, Saber Throw, Force Push and Force Grip exist. Lucas Arts did however add Mind Trick and Force Fury. These two additions didn’t add much to the game. I found myself not even using these two moves much throughout the entire game giving the feeling that you’re back in the first one. That normally would be a good thing, but it was short. I honestly feel that this could have or should have been turned into DLC for the first game.

When I played the demo I came across a few glitches and bugs. A quick example: When coming across a machine type enemy, the game would glitch where your character couldn’t move and the enemy wouldn’t move from their spot;  but there was other environmental movement so the game didn’t freeze. This problem would last up to 5 minutes. I was hoping it would be fixed in the full game, but sadly I came across this problem again. This problem really gets irritating after the first couple of times. It really takes you out of the moment and I could see someone thinking the game freezes, exiting out to the dashboard and losing their progress. I almost stopped playing this game all together just because I ran into this problem too many times.

As mentioned earlier, this game is short. There are only a few bosses to fight so the main game is very easy. There is one boss fight that is really interesting, challenging and fun. Sad to say it’s the only one of its kind in the game. Since the game doesn’t have many bosses you are stuck mostly fighting stormtroopers and different types of generic enemies. The game gets repetitive very fast and, given its short length poses pacing problems.

The story was very interesting. Despite all the issues with the gameplay I kept playing to see more of the story (the Star Wars fan in me had to see how the story progressed). Once again I find myself with an issue with the game. Certain parts of the story did not seem to make sense. Other parts didn’t even get explained and the end left me with too many questions. Overall the story had me hooked and then disappointed me because it left me confused. Normally that means there will be another game, but the story was convoluted and awkward.  As a result from the beginning through the end, the game was a giant cliffhanger.

Overall:  I would have to say this game is a rental. I would only suggest buying it if you are a hardcore Star Wars fan shopping on Black Friday where you can get it cheap. I really think this game would have been better suited as downloadable content for the first game. There simply was not enough to justify a full retail game at full retail price. I expected to be biased because I was a big Star Wars fan and like it despite any problems. The opposite happened and I ended up not liking it because it was a bad extension to the Star Wars Universe.

Final Score: 3 out of 5 – Forget/Rent It.

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