Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

This was a busy sports weekend, After taking in my first Blackhawks’ game of the season, I attended my first college football game Tulsa at Notre Dame, and it was a certainly a classic. I’d like to thank my family for the football tickets and my lovely girlfriend for the hockey tickets and a wonderful and memorable weekend. Thank you!

First off, the Blackhawks were utterly sloppy. Their defense was soft and their goalie was doing his best impression of a turtle. Marty Turco was on his back within five minutes and the pressure didn’t stop. The Oilers were playing like a team with a post-season purpose in playing a neutral zone trap style of defense. The Blackhawks looked sluggish and slow out of the gate. This is not last years’ team and it shows. There are a lot of issues that need to be settled but if things come together late and in the playoffs, there’s no saying what could happen, but they better not fall asleep at the wheel.

Now onto one of the dumbest areas in the country outside of Washington DC, that being South Bend, IN. While one of the lowest air pressure storm systems sat over the Midwest creating storms and high wind advisory, no one on the Notre Dame campus thought it was a bad idea to send a student to the top of an elevated platform to film the football team’s practice. Nature took its course and a purely preventable death happened. There will be the proper investigations will be run and apologies and the moments of silence will roll over across that campus and community but nonetheless, this was utterly senseless and since it was preventable makes it stupid. I’m not labeling the student stupid, but the faculty, and the death as such. People should know better. This was common sense and when common sense is absent, I’ll be happy to be the first person to label a situation, action or better yet, inaction as stupid.

Apparently lightning or stupid can strike twice in the same week. Down by one point in the fourth quarter, Notre Dame freshman head coach Brian Kelly made one of the utterly dumbest football decisions in the history of the game. With under a minute, at the Tulsa 19 yard line, elected after a time out to throw a touchdown play. The worst possible result happened, an interception. Tulsa went on to win by one. After the game Brian Kelly decided to hide behind the senseless death earlier on campus. Stupid is as stupid does.