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Facetious 141, S3 E37: Spicy Age of the Dragon

This week, @Etdragon joins @Scarfinger &  @lasberry to discuss any and everything on episode 141 of Facetious! Let’s get it!

Facetious 95: Give to the kids

This week, @Scarfinger & I talk parent teacher conferences, uninvolved parents, and teachers thanking you. We ask, if your job was being relocated to another country, would you train your replacement? All this and more on Facetious 95! Let’s get

PYP 53: The Better Half

This week, one-half of one of the newest additions to the Open Forum Radio family drops in.  Kelly Brown, from the The Married Gamers, discusses motivating her students, M-rated games, and Ace’s Pop Tarts.  And, usual, we discuss feedback. All this

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