The 2012 Madden Cover Athlete Is?

My man, Peyton Hillis, running back of “My Cleveland Browns” and hopefully the saving grace for a city that is so desperate for a Championship, let alone a champion.  While he had a decent season rushing for 1177yds. and scoring 11 touchdowns, people are saying he’s not deserving of the “Cover of Madden.”  They feel a ton of other athletes had better seasons and are more popular than him, but Peyton Hillis won the vote over Micheal Vick, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I know alot of football fans out there didn’t want there favorite player on the cover of Madden12 because of the dreaded “Madden curse” and of course we all know the history of  that, but Peyton Hillis quickly put that myth to rest by saying “for people who believe in this so-called curse, I can’t wait to prove you all wrong.”  So, what does this mean realistically? I guess we’ll see when the season starts and if he gets hurt and misses time on the field.  However, history is pretty accurate with regards to “The Madden Curse,” alot of former cover athletes have been hurt and missed time, Troy Palamalu and Drew Breese  being the latest  to feel the affects of the curse.

The big debate the entire time of this ESPN bracket style tournament was, why was every team allowed to put one player into the hat and wouldn’t it had been easier if you just put the League MVP on the cover of Madden12?  Well, I guess you need to go to the NFL and the offices of EA to get that answer because they decided to do it this way. They also let the fans decide by allowing them to place a vote (2 or 1,000), and while the tournament took about a month they decided on a winner, and that winner is Peyton Hillis.

With August coming soon, and the release of Madden12, what are you expecting from this franchise in its 23rd year of existance? All I can say is make the game easier to play just like you (EA) did with NCAA11. Over the last three to four years the Madden game has gotten so difficult to play that it’s unbearable. I continue to purchase it every year only to be dissappointed by its difficulty. I guess you can say, I fall for the hype of the long standing franchise.

Although, I will be purchasing this game on Day One, my purchase will mainly be out of  loyalty to “My Cleveland Browns” and Peyton Hillis.  I hope the game is better and easier to play, and if so, my purchase will be worth it.  I guess we all will find out what new features they will be adding to the  game in the future as the release day gets closer.

So, to my man Peyton Hillis of  “The Cleveland Browns” congratulations on making the cover of  Madden12 and Good Luck in the upcoming season.