The Buckeyes have a hold on players.

Am I the only person outraged at Jim Tressel’s treatment of his players? His football players were caught selling their own personal belongings for profit and were suspended for five games. Now, the kicker is that the Sugar Bowl featuring Ohio State and Arkansas kicks off tonight. Will the players miss this game? No.

Jim Tressel stated in a press conference that he will postpone the suspension until next year if the players return to play next year. Who knew the Sweater vest held that much power that it could dictate when a suspension would take place? As a Michigan fan, I shutter to consider the implications all this Ohio State power has. Many other questions enter my mind.

Why are the kids penalized for selling their own possessions? Why are five-game suspensions justified? Why are the suspensions postponed? Who initiated the idea of allowing the players to play in the Bowl Game? So many question make this situation stink of back-door money exchanges and promises. Ohio State has a hold on these players but is losing a grip on honesty. Is it worth it?