The first but not the last

Welcome to the first FromPage2Screen blog entry. This is most definitely not the first blog that I have written but will hopefully be one of the longer surviving blogs that I have participated in.Many years ago back when MySpace was popular I used to blog daily on there, but those times have gone and now I find myself with a new focus. Mainly this blog and my podcasting efforts.So why do a FromPage2Screen blog? Well on one hand, anyone who subscribes to the podcast will know that there are at least two or three episodes a week of that thing so theres no shortage of words or thoughts coming out my mouth, but there are times when I dont have access to a microphone to record my rants.So why not start a blog for those random thoughts and reviews about all things in general.And that my friends and strangers, is the reason for a FromPage2Screen blog.Shall I pick a topic for this blog or shall I just leave this one as a bit of an introduction for everyone. I opt for the latter. Welcome to the blog, welcome to my life, and do give me feedback here or by email frompage2screen@gmail.comI cant promise that I will blog every day, but I promise to keep you updated as often as I can, in the hope you never tire of me.